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What Happens if I Receive a DMCA Infringement Notice or Copyright Strike?

Receiving a DMCA notice or copyright strike against your account can be both frightening and frustrating. You work hard to build up your reputation and followers and subscribers and this all is put at risk when you receive strikes against your account.

On most platforms, once you have three copyright strikes, your account could be terminated (and all your videos / content will be removed).

If you get a DMCA Infringement Notice, this means that someone believes you have posted content that contains their copyrighted material.

So what happens? Well, it really depends on what the notice says and whether or not you had the right to use the material used. Assuming you have the right to use the music, you can appeal the DMCA infringement notice.

Learn how to appeal a DMCA notice or copyright strike on YouTube here.

Learn how to appeal a DMCA notice or copyright strike on Twitch here.

Learn how to appeal a DMCA notice or copyright strike on Facebook / Meta here.

If you do not have the rights to use the copyrighted material, it is best to comply with the request. Usually this means taking down the video. Alternatively, you can change the audio or copyrighted material in the video to something you have the rights to use and re-upload it.

If you do not comply with the request, you face a number of potential consequences. Learn more about these penalties in our blog post, “Penalties for Copyright Infringement and DMCA Violations”.

It is never recommended to appeal if you do not have permission to use the music. The best option is to only use DMCA safe / copyright free music, so that you never receive a copyright strike or DMCA takedown or infringement notice in the first place. StreemTunes is the world’s best resource for modern DMCA safe / copyright free music. StreemTunes guarantees its music is safe forever and will never issue a DMCA takedown notice or request. And best of all it is 100% free to use in all of your content. Learn more at

Read more about DMCA safe music in our blog post, "What is DMCA Safe or Copyright Free Music?".

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