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What is DMCA Safe or Copyright Free Music?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

You can't use music in your livestreams or video content without permission. If you do, the song will get flagged and you will receive a copyright strike or have the audio muted, and be unable to monetize the content. To avoid this, streamers and content creators use DMCA safe music or copyright free music. People may also use the term DMCA free music.

So what exactly does DMCA Safe or Copyright Free mean?

Well, it simply means that the copyright owner does not intend to issue any DMCA Takedown requests or similar notices, and will allow streamers and content creators to use the content for free without worrying about copyright issues.

For example, when it comes to DMCA safe music, StreemTunes promises to never ever issue a takedown request for any songs in its catalog. That is the StreemTunes guarantee to the end-user. Even if the music is sold to another label in the future, they will not be able to issue takedown requests either. With other music providers, you have no idea whether next week the song will be safe. Or, for example, if in two years they change their mind and decide to start issuing DMCA Takedowns, your past content and videos are at risk. You could receive copyright strikes or have your account banned for videos you posted long ago! This is why StreemTunes is the world’s best and safest source of free DMCA safe music.

While a number of other great resources of DMCA safe music exist, they do not offer the same guarantee as StreemTunes, and you should do your own research before trusting any source of music for your streams or content. StreemTunes’ catalog of over 1000 songs is DMCA safe and copyright free, in addition to being royalty free. This means that you can use any StreemTunes song in your content and never have to worry about the video being taken down or copyright strikes. StreemTunes music is guaranteed to be safe and monetizable forever.

To learn about the penalties users face for violating DMCA or copyright infringement, stay tuned to the StreemTunes blog!

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