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Copyright Strike or DMCA Takedown on Twitch: How to Appeal

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

If you have received a copyright strike or DMCA notification / takedown from Twitch, you've come to the right place. Learn what actions you can take, including how to appeal the strike or notification / takedown in this blog post!

If your Twitch account receives a copyright strike or DMCA notification / takedown, you have the right to dispute the claim. You can only dispute a claim if you have a rights or permission to use the music. Disputing the claim involves submitting a counter-notification to Twitch. The counter-notification explains that Twitch made a mistake and that you actually are allowed to use the music.

Some valid reasons for submitting a counterclaim include:

  1. You have permission to use the music from the owner / rightsholder of the music

  2. You are the owner of the music and someone else wrongly / illegally submitted a copyright claim against your video

  3. The music is in the public domain (usually 50-75 years after the death of the songwriter the song enters the public domain)

  4. "Fair use" (a legal exception to copyright which you can read about more in our blog, "An Overview of the DMCA" under the heading "DMCA Exceptions and Exemptions")

  5. The music was misidentified as some other song.

As an another option, you can also ask the rights holder (the person who submitted the claim originally) to retract the claim.

To submit a counter-notification you can email and include the information listed here.

Twitch may also mute audio during portions of your VODs if copyrighted content is detected. It is possible to submit appeals for muted audio in VODs through a separate appeals process built into the Video Producer section of the Twitch Dashboard. For further information about muted audio see: How to Appeal Muted Audio.

If you do not have a valid reason to submit a counterclaim, you should not submit one. Unless you have permission from the owner or rightsholder of the music (or copyright exception applies), you are not allowed to use the song. There is no way around this. The best option is to only use DMCA safe / copyright free music, so that you never receive a copyright strike or DMCA takedown in the first place.

StreemTunes is the world’s best resource for modern DMCA safe / copyright free music. StreemTunes guarantees its music is safe forever and will never issue a DMCA takedown notice or request. And best of all it is 100% free to use in all of your content.

Read more about DMCA safe music in our blog post, "What is DMCA Safe or Copyright Safe Music?"

More resources and information about what to do if you receive a copyright strike or takedown notice on the most popular social media sites can be found here:

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