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Vibe Check: Choosing the Right Music for your Stream

Music is a quick and effective way to set the mood, tone, and energy for your stream. Music is something you build your brand upon. Music can also make your stream appear more professional, for example, having musical interludes between games, and by ensuring there are no awkward silences. Read more here about how to use music to enhance your stream.

So how to choose the right music to get the job done? Let's discuss.

Step One: Find a safe source of music

You don't want to start things off with a copyright strike, so make sure you only play music you have permission to use. We recommend StreemTunes music as there is no licensing required. It is 100% free to use, and is safe for YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok and all live streaming and video platforms. The music is DMCA safe / copyright free / royalty free, so you can use all the songs without worrying about copyright issues.

Step Two: Determine if there is any music you can't use

Some songs just don't work well with certain types of content. Here are some examples so you get an idea of things you might want to consider when choosing music:

  • Talk a lot on stream? Don't play songs with a lot of vocals, as your voices will clash and overlap.

  • Streaming scary / horror games? You probably don't want upbeat dance music or dubstep. Something that is more eerie or Halloween music might be more appropriate.

  • Does your game have a lot of music? You don't want songs constantly overlapping, perhaps some chill or ambient music might be best. This type of music is also great if your game has a lot of cool sound FX you want people to hear.

Step Three: Determine the mood, tone, and energy level for your stream

This part is fairly simple. Set the mood, tone, or energy of your stream by choosing music that matches the level of hype you are going for. Below we will outline some different moods and feelings that you may want to set for your stream, and how to achieve them, using StreemTunes' free playlists for streamers as examples:

General high energy, upbeat, fun music:

High intenstity, aggressive, max energy:

Retro, gamer, nostalgia:

  • Chiptune (video game style music)

  • Rock (a lot of the rock songs are influenced by 90's / 2000's music, but note that some are more metal and not appropriate, so you will have to customize your playlist accordingly)

Relaxing, chill out (general background or ambient music):

Scary or dark:

Modern Top 40 / radio-style music:


If you need more help figuring out what genre to play for your stream, reach out to and we can help you out!

StreemTunes' music is available everywhere. All you have to do is search for StreemTunes in your favourite music app and hit play. All StreemTunes playlists are specially curated for live streamers and are safe to use on all streaming platforms. All music is 100% free to use, with no license fees or attribution required. Download all songs here.

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