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What is Royalty Free Music? The best option for Streamers & Content Creators (Twitch / YouTube 2023)

Royalty free music is a very important topic if you are a streamer or content creator looking to use music in your videos. And you've probably seen a ton of ads asking you to subscribe to various royalty free music services. Well, don't waste your money, as this blog will explain how you can find the best royalty free music, for FREE!

What is Royalty Free Music? How does it work?

Royalty free music is music that you license up front, and never have to pay any more royalties in the future. If music is not royalty free, you have to pay out royalties every time you earn money off of a video that uses the song. It means you are sharing your video's revenues with someone else (that doesn't sound like fun... does it...). Most people would rather pay up front for a license to use a song, so they don't have to share any revenues if their video goes viral. This is why royalty free music is so popular. But this can quickly become very expensive, especially if licensing a large number of songs.

How much does Royalty Free Music cost to use?

Well it depends who you ask. If you ask our competitors, they will try and sell you a subscription to use their royalty free music, or otherwise force you to pay for a license up front to use their music. This can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. But if you ask StreemTunes the same question, the answer is that the cost is zero. Nada. Zip. That's right. StreemTunes' music is royalty free and 100% free to use and you get to keep all of your revenues.

This is why StreemTunes is the best alternative to Epidemic Sound, Soundstripe, etc...

Stop spending excessive money on licensing music or paying for a subscription.

StreemTunes' music is free to use, with no strings attached

With over 1100 songs and over a dozen genres to choose from, StreemTunes has the most extensive catalog of royalty free music in the world that is completely FREE to use. No licenses, no fees, no attribution required.

As creators ourselves, StreemTunes believes that all streamers and content creators deserve access to awesome music for free.

In addition to being royalty free, all StreemTunes music is copyright free and DMCA safe, so you can safely use the songs in your live stream or content without ever having to worry about copyright issues again.

To get started, simply search for "StreemTunes" in your music app of choice and hit play. If you need a copy of the songs themselves, visit our Creators portal.

Check out all our professionally curated playlists on Spotify for every genre / mood here:

Listen to the entire catalog here

Read about us on Reddit here


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