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The Future of Copyright Free Music for Streamers

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

As live streaming continues to grow in popularity, the demand for copyright free music will only increase. But what does the future hold for streamers looking to use music in their content? Here are a few predictions:

  1. More options: As the demand for copyright free / DMCA safe music grows, we can expect to see an influx of new resources and services offering a wide range of music options for streamers. But do your research and be aware... not everyone's library is as safe as they claim!

  2. Greater accessibility: The accessibility of copyright free music is also likely to improve in the future. With the advancement of technology, it will become easier for streamers to find, access, and use the music they need for their content, right from their smartphones.

  3. Increased awareness: The use of copyrighted music in live streams has been a hot topic in recent years, with many famous streamers receiving copyright strikes. Using music without permission or a license has resulted in many account bans (banwaves), VODs deleted, or audio being muted. Streamers now understand the penalties they face for the unauthorized use of music, and are seeking out sources of music that are safe to use on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms.

  4. AI Music: We also expect to see growth in AI based music. As AI music develops and integrates with digital signal processing, we can expect to see rapid growth in the quality of AI music, although there may be many copyright issues surrounding this type of music.

StreemTunes is the world's best source of copyright free / DMCA safe music and all music is 100% free to use. StreemTunes has over 1000 songs in all sorts of styles (LO-FI, Hip-Hop, Synthwave, EDM, Rock, Latin, Trap, Dubstep, Chill Out, Chiptune, Holiday, Content Creator and more). No license fees are required. All you have to do is search for StreemTunes on your favourite music platform and hit play. Check out StreemTunes' music on Spotify here!

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