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Music for Twitch (Safe to Stream + FREE LICENSE)

Need the best music for Twitch? Look no further.

StreemTunes offers all Twitch streamers a FREE license to stream the entire StreemTunes catalog of over 1100 songs. No strings attached.

Featuring over a dozen genres of catchy and modern music you can build your brand around, StreemTunes is the world's best music library for Twitch streamers.

StreemTunes music is:

  • Royalty Free ✔️

  • DMCA Safe / DMCA Free ✔️

  • Copyright Free / No Copyright ✔️

  • Safe for Twitch ✔️ (Your VODs will be safe forever)

  • Safe for YouTube ✔️

Simply search for "StreemTunes" in your music app of choice and hit play! Stop worrying about copyright strikes or takedowns, and start focusing on what matters the most - your content. Don't put your channel at risk by using a non-verified source of music. Just because someone says their music is safe, doesn't mean it is (read what happened to PewDiePie).

Check out our professionally curated playlists on Spotify for every genre / mood here:

View all StreemTunes' music here.

Download all songs at

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