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Is it safe to use popular music / songs in a livestream or video?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

No. It is not safe, and it never will be safe to use popular songs in your livestream or video content. Unless you have permission from the owner of the songs, you will run into trouble when using the songs in your content. This is because most popular modern songs are released by record labels who own the rights to the music and these labels want to monetize their music. So they constantly monitor all streaming and video sharing websites to make sure that nobody is using their songs without permission. When they find someone who used their song, they will either issue a DMCA infringement notice and takedown your video, or they will start claiming all revenues from the video and you will no longer make any money from it.

Even if the owner of the music or content is not actively issuing DMCA takedowns or notices, there is a good chance they will start to do so in the future, which could result in a DMCA takedown against your past content and copyright strikes against your account. Learn more about the penalties you may face in our blog post, “Penalties for Copyright Infringement and DMCA Violations”.

Therefore, it is always best to play it safe and only use DMCA safe or copyright free music in your streams or content. Record labels that release DMCA safe or copyright free will never send copyright infringement notices or issue takedown requests, meaning your livestreams and video content will be safe and monetizable. Read more about what exactly is DMCA safe or copyright free music in our blog post here.

StreemTunes is the world’s best source of DMCA safe music, and it is 100% free to use and guaranteed safe forever. StreemTunes promises to never ever issue a takedown request for any songs in its catalog. With new content added biweekly, you will always have great music ready to go for any type of content. Check out StreemTunes’ catalog on Spotify here!

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