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How to Find and Use DMCA Safe or Copyright Free Music

Fortunately for you, you have already found the world’s best FREE source of DMCA safe music: StreemTunes! StreemTunes guarantees that its music will be DMCA safe and FREE to use forever.

While a number of other great resources of DMCA safe and copyright free music exist, none offer the same guarantee, making it hard to trust these resources. Their music may be DMCA safe for now, but they could easily change their mind and start issuing DMCA takedowns in the future. This could result in muted audio in your videos, your content being taken down, copyright strikes, or your account being suspended, or even worse, banned. Read more about these penalties in our blog post, "Penalties for Copyright Infringement and DMCA Violations".

How to Use DMCA Safe Music?

While on other platforms the process is a little bit complicated to get started, with StreemTunes, it is as easy pressing play. No licenses or attribution is required. You can stream and listen to all of StreemTunes’ music on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Amazon, Deezer, and all other major streaming platforms. Simply search StreemTunes and get streaming! StreemTunes features over a dozen genres to choose from, including: Lo-Fi, Synthwave, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Rock, and more. Check out the Spotify playlists specially curated for streamers and content creators here.

Read more about DMCA safe music in our blog post, "What is DMCA Safe or Copyright Free Music?".

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