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Best Lo-Fi Music (2023 Lo-Fi Girl Alternative)

StreemTunes has spent the last few years perfecting a massive 175 song Lo-Fi playlist for your listening pleasure. And we think it is the best Lo-Fi playlist you will ever hear. Click here to listen.

From classic Lo-Fi tunes to hip-hop and trap infused Chillhop, this playlist is perfect for:

  • Live streaming (background music)

  • Studying

  • Chill out

  • Relaxing / Ambience

  • Hanging Out

  • Just Chatting

  • Coffee Shop

  • Retail Stores (StreemTunes offers a free license to all businesses to use its music - read more here if you are a business owner)


Here's some more info about StreemTunes.

All StreemTunes music is:

  • Royalty Free ✔️

  • DMCA Safe / DMCA Free ✔️

  • Copyright Free / No Copyright ✔️

  • Safe for Twitch ✔️ (Your VODs will be safe forever)

  • Safe for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram (and all other platforms) ✔️

Simply search for "StreemTunes" in your music app of choice and hit play!

Check out our professionally curated playlists on Spotify for every genre / mood here:

View all StreemTunes' music here.

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