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Free Music License for Spas / Salons

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Nothing complements a spa or salon day better than a perfect selection of songs to help set the mood and ambience, especially when it comes to a relaxing massage. In this article, you can find out how to legally play music at your spa or salon, without the risk of expensive fines. And you can find out how to do this for free!

Do I need a license to play music at my spa / salon?

Music licensing for spas and salons may seem complex but it is actually very simple. Any sort of background music that you play requires a license. A music license for your store can be obtained from the owner of the songs themselves, or otherwise, licenses are most commonly obtained from a performing rights organization (PRO), such as BMI or ASCAP in the United States or SOCAN (Canada) or SESAC (Europe). These PROs represent millions of artists and each PRO has a different music licensing fee. So if you want to play songs by artists who are represented by different PROs, you will have to pay fees to each PRO. Otherwise you can buy a blanket license to use music from all PROs (but this can become very expensive). The license requirement applies to all health and wellness businesses, including: spas, hair salons, nail salons, beauty parlours, and massage parlours.

How much are music licensing fees for spas / salons? How are they calculated?

Licensing modern music from PROs costs anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars per year (depending on how many PROs you license songs from). If you choose one PRO and have a small businesses, fees will be only a few hundred dollars. But this can quickly climb to $1000+ for larger locations, spa or salon chains, or businesses that require licenses from multiple PROs. Fees are calculated based on a number of factors, including the size and capacity of the location and the number of speakers present. While this can be expensive, especially for spa or salon chains with dozens or even hundreds of locations, failure to pay for a music license can be even more expensive.

What is the penalty for playing music at my spa / salon without a license?

Fines for failure to obtain a music license can be thousands of dollars or more, with the maximum statutory fine being $150,000 per song, not to mention the costs of an expensive lawsuit. PROs regularly send representatives to spas, barber shops, nail and hair salons, and other beauty, health, and wellness businesses in order to check whether music is being used without a license. They have song-detection software similar to Shazam, and will sue businesses that are using songs without a license.

Can I play my own music?

No! You are not allowed to play music that you have purchased yourself, nor can you stream music. In fact, you can't even perform your favourite songs to entertain your clientele. A license is needed to stream, perform, or play any sort of music at your spa or salon. Any public performance of music requires a license.

Is there a free source of music licensed for use in spas / salons?

Yes! StreemTunes is a 100% FREE source of modern licensed music for restaurants. StreemTunes offers all restaurants a FREE license to play its entire catalog of nearly 1000+ songs (and growing). No fees, no hidden costs, no risks of fines or penalties. Click below to get your license now!

Impress your clientele with a mix of relaxing, ambient, and pop music professionally curated to elevate their spa day or salon experience. Genres include: Lo-Fi, Chill Hip-Hop, Pop/Dance, Ambient Synthwave and more.

Check out StreemTunes’ specially curated playlist for spas and salons HERE

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