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Free Music for Live Streamers

Whether you need free music for streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, or any other live streaming platform, you've come to the right place. Using music in your live stream has numerous benefits, and makes your stream stand out from the crowd. We recommend that all streamers, especially new and small streamers, use music in their live stream, in order to help grow viewers, followers, subscribers, and donations.

But music also brings its own problems. You have to worry about copyright issues, which is a complex issue. As well, you have to pay for the music you use, which can become quite expensive. This is why there are so many people looking for copyright free music for their live stream (and we will tell you how to find it below).

Copyright free music is also referred to as no copyright music, DMCA free music, DMCA safe music. This music is FREE for everyone to use without worrying about copyright issues. This is different from royalty free music, which usually requires payment of up front fees to license the music.

There are a number of music libraries of copyright free music. But most of these libraries are small, and the music isn't that good. And a lot of these libraries claim that their music is safe, but the second you use the music, you will end up with a copyright strike.

This is why we recommend using StreemTunes for all your music needs. StreemTunes is the world's best source of copyright free and DMCA safe music, meaning that the entire catalog of music is 100% FREE to use.

To get started, simply search for "StreemTunes" in your music app of choice and hit play. It is that easy. There is no sign-up and no fees.

StreemTunes has over 1100 songs so you will be sure to find lots of awesome music, perfect for your live stream. Get started right now, choose from the professionally curated playlists on Spotify for each genre here: LO-FI, Hip-Hop, Synthwave, EDM, Rock, Latin, Trap, Dubstep, Chill / Study, Chiptune,Holiday, Content Creator and more! Choose your fave genre, hit shuffle, and Streem On!

Listen to the entire catalog here.



If you are streaming on YouTube, you can add yourself to the YouTube Whitelist here.

If you need a copy of the songs themselves, visit the Creators portal.

Read about StreemTunes, the best free music for streamers and live streaming, on Reddit here.

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