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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What platforms can I use StreemTunes on?

A: StreemTunes music is safe on all streaming and social media platforms including: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Q: Are there any costs or licensing fees?

A: No! StreemTunes is 100% free to use, we give everyone permission to use our music. 

Q: Can I monetize my content if I use StreemTunes' music?

A: Yes! Use our music to take your videos to the next level, and keep 100% of your revenues.

Q: What is DMCA and what does it stand for?

A: Digital Millennium Copyright Act also known as DMCA is a law that governs the usage of copyrighted material on the internet. To summarize, it prevents people from using copyrighted materials online without the owner's permission. This includes all modern music, movies, TV shows, and any form of recorded digital content. 

Q: Does StreemTunes produce all of its music in house?

A: Yes. This is why the music is so awesome!

Q: Who started StreemTunes?

A: Brad Leshch and Mike Sheps founded StreemTunes with the goal of becoming the best free resource of professionally produced music, safe for streamers and content creators. 

Q: Who are Brad & Mike?

A: A couple of gamers who founded StreemTunes. They are also touring music producers, you can find their music under the DJ/Artist Alias "Dog n Hoss".

Q: Does StreemTunes check each song before it's published?

A: Yes, every song we produce goes through a rigorous vetting process before being published. 

Q: Who is the StreemTunes library for?

A: Anyone can use the music, but we make each song specially for live streamers, gamers, and content creators. 

Q: How many songs does StreemTunes have?

A: 1100+ songs across 14+ genres and 60+ albums (with 50+ songs added monthly)

Q: Does music enhance live streams or other video content?

A: Yes! Music has been proven to help create a positive mood and energy for all video content, giving it a professional feel.

Q: Should I be using StreemTunes music in my live streams or content?

A: Yes, without a doubt. Music can help you stand out from the crowd.

Q: What percentage of live streamers use music?

A: Less than 20%. 

Q: Can you download any song from StreemTunes?

A: Yes, all of our music is available for download. Head over to the Content Creators page for more.

Q: How does StreemTunes ensure the safety of their musical library?

A: We work with two of the largest content ID platforms available to constantly monitor our music 24/7.


Q: How long does it take for a content ID system to detect a copyrighted song?

A: 3-4 seconds at the quickest but generally within the first 4-10 seconds.

Q: Can you lose your channel and content if you get a DMCA Strike?

A: Yes.

Q: Is every song in the StreemTunes library Copyright Free / Dmca safe?

A: Yes, every song.

Q: What should I do if I do get a claim or strike?

A: That should NOT happen but in the event it does please email us immediately at and we will take care of it within 48-72 hours. 

Q: Can you be fined for purposely playing copyrighted music or material?

A: Yes, repeat offenders can be fined for many thousands of dollars for continued copyright violations. 


Q: Is Drake music’s Copyright Free / DMCA Safe?

A: No, Nickmercs was granted permission specifically by Drake, you are not Nick, don't do it.


Q: Why do I see smaller or even larger creators still break TOS by playing copyrighted music?

A: We don’t know, it might be the same reason people run red lights. Don’t worry about others and protect your content.

Q: How much does it cost to use StreemTunes?

A: Nothing, its FREE to use! Just search us on your preferred music service or download any song from our Content Creator page.

Q: Is StreemTunes on social media?

A: Yes. You can follow us on all social platforms, just search @StreemTunes 

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