Copyright and the DMCA

A song is automatically protected by copyright, the second it is created. The creator of the song owns this copyright. Nobody else can use this song without permission from the creator.


If you try and use this song in a stream or video, you may find your audio muted or someone else claiming all the money earned by it. Or even worse, the content may be removed and your account banned. 


StreemTunes has built a massive catalog of awesome music from scratch. We own 100% of the copyright in all of our music. 

We promise to NEVER make a copyright claim or issue a DMCA takedown for any of our music. It is and will always be fully safe to use in your streams, videos, and other content.

YouTube Whitelist:

Get added to our YouTube Whitelist and we will let YouTube know that you have permission to use all of StreemTunes' music in your streams / content: 

(You don't have to be on this list to use our music on YouTube)





To make sure our music is safe on YouTube we have to track each song. You may get a copyright notification or email from YouTube letting you know that the song is being tracked - so don't worry if you receive this!