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About StreemTunes

Awesome music curated specially for streamers. 

StreemTunes was founded by Bradley Leshch and Michael Sheps, two gamers who believe that streamers should have access to free high-quality music to play on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, and other streaming platforms, without fear of DMCA strikes or audio being muted. 

We take all legal steps necessary to make sure our music is 100% safe for your stream so you can focus on creating awesome content and not have to worry about copyright issues. 

Learn more about copyright and DMCA here.

All of the music on our platform is sourced from talented producers, from around the world. We are constantly adding to our playlists so that we can provide the best quality music to streamers, for free, forever.


A portion of stream proceeds will always go directly towards supporting music-related charities.

Learn more about our current charity partner here.


If you are a producer and have some tunes you think would be great for one of our playlists, please feel free to send us a demo. We would love to hear what you've got! 

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