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The Best Stream Deck Setup for Live Streaming

If you learn how to optimize and setup your Stream Deck for live streaming, you will be able to offer a truly professional streaming experience to your viewers. Our tips and tricks will help you achieve the optimal setup for your Stream Deck on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or any other streaming platform, and have your live stream looking like a million bucks.

First off, for those who are unaware, a Stream Deck is a device with a number of buttons that act as shortcuts / macros to help you control various aspects of your stream, from lighting to chat commands and everything in between. If you have an Elgato Stream Deck alternative, most of these same tips and tricks will still apply. The best alternatives to Stream Deck include: Loupedeck Live, ShuttlePro V2, apps such as Deckboard or Touch Portal, or any small additional keyboard (such as the XK-60) that lets you map the keys to various shortcuts and commands.

Now onto the tips and tricks. As a live streamer, here's how you should be using your Stream Deck:

(We've included many helpful links to articles and YouTube tutorials with further info)

  1. Scene switching: Quickly switch between scenes during your stream, making the transitions smoother and more seamless. For example, after each game of League of Legends, you might want to switch to a full screen camera shot of yourself as the next game is loading up (instead of having your camera off in the corner). You can also switch between camera angles quickly (which is always fun if you have a KittyCam or PuppyCam)!

  2. Sound or visual effects: Add sound effects to your Stream Deck to enhance your viewers' experience. Use them for comedic effect, as a notification, or for emphasis. Same goes for visual effects, such as fun animations or GIFs.

  3. Lighting control: Control your lighting during your stream. This allows you to adjust the brightness or color temperature with ease, creating the perfect atmosphere.

  4. Music control: Quickly choose songs and switch between playlists. Music influences the energy level of your stream and offers many benefits to live streamers. Be sure to only use copyright free / DMCA safe playlists so you don't get a copyright strike. We recommend StreemTunes for all your music needs. Read the top reasons to setup your Stream Deck with music and playlists.

  5. Social media sharing: Quickly and easily share your stream to your social media channels, encouraging more viewers to tune in. For example, you can link to Twitter, and at the press of a button let your viewers know you've gone live.

  6. Chat commands: Create custom chat commands using the Stream Deck to interact with your audience. This could include triggering sound effects or displaying graphics on the stream. You also can fully control your chat, for example, with Twitch integration. This allows you to change the chat mode (slow mode, subscriber only, emote only) or even clear all chat.

  7. Donation notifications: Set up donation notifications that display on the stream. This allows you to thank your viewers and encourage more donations. You can set up a fun animation or sound effect to go off each time a donation occurs.

  8. Game controls: Use the Stream Deck to control in-game functions during your stream. This could include any actions from switching weapons to showing off your emotes.

  9. Video and media control: Use the Stream Deck to control videos and media during your stream. This allows you to switch between clips, pause or play media, and control volume levels with ease. Speaking of which, you can also use it to control audio levels of your microphones and in-game sound (or mute these).

  10. Custom controls: If there is anything else you do routinely, consider setting up a shortcut to automate the process. Get routine tasks done with a simple press of a button.

There are also many other fun ways you can customize your stream deck. Boost its looks with custom icons (which can be GIFs) or use your Stream Deck to set up timers or countdowns or tallies. For example, you can have a kill tally that tracks your kills throughout the stream, or a countdown for a special in-stream event. Or be creative and choose a victory song that is mapped to one of the buttons, so with the press of a button you can quickly play the victory song every time you win. Here is our fave victory song!

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