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Overlays: How to Optimize a Stream Overlay for YouTube and Twitch

Streaming is one of the most popular and growing professions and so it is important for your stream to stand out from the crowd. Having a kickass overlay can help you take it to the next level, and show your audience that you are serious about your content. It will also enhance the viewing experience, by helping viewers keep track of everything going on in the stream.

Here are some tips to optimize your stream overlay:

1. Keep it Simple

The simpler, the better. Your overlay should enhance your content, not overshadow it. So keep it clean, minimalistic, and free from too much clutter. Consider what is most important to the viewer, and only include this information, nothing else. The specifics vary from streamer to streamer, so watch your competitors and see what they are doing so you can get an idea of what you info you should include in your own overlay.

Streamers often include the following in their overlays:

  1. Webcam view

  2. New Followers, Subscribers, Donations (and potentially the stream's goals)

  3. Logos / Branding

  4. Chat (many people don't show any chat, or only show special messages)

  5. Current song playing (we recommend using StreemTunes' awesome playlists)

  6. Sponsorships (depending on circumstances)

2. Location, Location, Location

You wouldn't put a lamp on the floor or a chair on the ceiling, would you? Similarly, make sure that your overlay elements are in the right place. Your webcam shouldn't cover up the gameplay, and your chat box shouldn't be in the way of your character's health bar. Most games have a lot of information on the screen, so often there is only one good spot for the webcam to go. Once the webcam is placed properly, you can build the rest of the overlay. You may need to re-adjust the overlay as you switch to playing different games.

3. Choose a Theme

A theme makes your overlay stand out from the crowd and can add an element of fun. The theme can relate to your brand, or can be related to the content on the screen. For example, if building a theme around your brand, carefully consider colour choices and imagery to ensure it matches your branding. If you want to build the overlay's theme around the content you are streaming, that works as well. For example, if playing a horror game, consider having a creepy theme with dark colours.

4. Sharp Graphics

Using high-quality graphics is essential for an optimized stream overlay. Your viewers shouldn't have to squint their eyes to make out what's on the screen. So make sure your graphics are sharp and clear, and your images aren't pixelated. You don't want your viewers to think they need glasses.

5. Test Your Stream and Adjust as Needed

The only way to know if your overlay is doing its job is by testing it out. Watch your own stream and see if everything is working as intended. You may notice that some of your graphics aren't displaying correctly, or your chat box is too small. Make adjustments as needed until everything looks perfect.

Bonus Tip: Keep it Fresh

Updating your overlay regularly can keep your viewers engaged and interested. Changing your overlay for special events or holidays shows your viewers that you're always looking for ways to keep things fresh and exciting. Plus, if you keep the same overlay for too long, your viewers might start to think you're lazy or don't care about your stream anymore.

In conclusion, an optimized stream overlay is a must-have for any serious streamer. Using the tips above, you ensure your stream looks its best at all times and leave your viewers with a positive lasting impression.

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